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Solar Project

Blue Ash, OH: An 8 kW Solar System with REC Solar Pure 2 430 Watt Panels and Enphase IQ7 Series Microinverters

The residence, located near the intersection of Plainfield Rd and E. Galbraith Rd in Blue Ash, close to the Walgreens and Ace Hardware, incurs monthly electricity expenses of around $290.

By installing REC Solar Pure 2 430 watt panels and Enphase IQ7 series microinverters, the project aims to significantly decrease these costs, with a new monthly bill of less than $12.

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Assessment of Current Energy Needs

Additionally, before proceeding with the solar installation, potential energy efficiency improvements are considered.

This includes upgrading to LED lighting, installing programmable thermostats, and replacing older appliances with energy-efficient models. Such enhancements can reduce the overall energy requirement, allowing for a more effectively sized solar system and further cost reductions.

Solar System Components Specification

REC Solar Pure 2 430 Watt Panels:

Efficiency and Capacity: These panels are known for their high output and efficiency, capable of generating significant power even in limited space, which makes them ideal for residential use.

Durability and Warranty: The panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, contributing to their longevity. They come with a substantial manufacturer warranty that ensures performance over many years.

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Enphase IQ7 Series Microinverters:

Benefits of Microinverter Technology: Unlike traditional string inverters, microinverters convert DC to AC power at each panel. This technology enhances energy production and eliminates the losses typically associated with mismatched or shaded panels.

solar installaton project blue ash oh

System Design and Capacity Calculation

Total System Capacity: The system is designed to generate a consistent output of 8 kW. This is based on detailed calculations that consider the home’s energy consumption patterns and the output capabilities of the chosen panels.

For those interested in exploring how to calculate the energy production potential of their own solar systems, the PVWatts Calculator by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory can provide valuable insights.

The system size is carefully chosen to meet, and possibly exceed, the home’s average electrical demand. The goal is to lower the monthly electricity bill to less than $12.

Layout and Design of Panel Installation: The design involves strategically placing the panels on the roof to maximize sun exposure throughout the day. The home’s roof layout near Plainfield Rd and E. Galbraith Rd allows for an optimal south-facing installation, which is ideal for solar efficiency in the Northern Hemisphere.

Estimation of Number of Panels and Configuration:

With each REC Solar Pure 2 panel rated at 430 watts, approximately 19 panels (8,000 watts / 430 watts per panel) are needed to build an 8 kW system.

The panels will be arranged in rows that complement the roof’s dimensions and structural supports, ensuring that weight distribution and aesthetic considerations are maintained.

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Financial Analysis and Incentives

Detailed Cost Breakdown:

The total estimated cost for purchasing and installing the 8 kW solar system, including REC Solar Pure 2 430 watt panels and Enphase IQ7 series microinverters, is approximately $21,000. This figure includes hardware, labor, permits, and additional installation materials.

Federal and State Incentives:

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows homeowners to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar power system from their federal taxes, reducing the net system cost by $6,300 to a total of $14,700.

Additional state and local incentives in Ohio might further reduce upfront costs, depending on available programs at the time of installation.

Monthly and Long-term Financial Savings:

The monthly electricity bill of $290 was dropped to less than $12.

Annually, this translates to savings of approximately $3,336, assuming consistent energy production and usage patterns.

Payback Period and Return on Investment:

Considering the total net cost post-incentives ($14,700) and annual savings, the payback period for this investment is approximately 4.4 years.

Over the expected 25+ year lifespan of the solar panels, the return on investment can be significantly high, with cumulative savings potentially exceeding the initial system cost several times over.

Discussion of Increased Property Value and Appeal

Homes equipped with solar power systems often enjoy higher market values and increased buyer interest. The installation of a solar system not only helps reduce ongoing utility costs but also serves as a desirable feature in real estate markets, potentially increasing the home’s resale value by 3 to 4 percent.

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