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Introduction to the Project

Location: Sharonville, OH, off Sharon Rd.

In Sharonville, a community dedicated to sustainable progress, homeowners have made a pivotal decision to install a solar system. This initiative reflects their commitment to energy independence and environmental responsibility.

By integrating solar technology into their home off Sharon Rd, they are setting a precedent for renewable energy adoption in the neighborhood.

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System Specifications

Total Capacity: 5.4 kW Solar System

Type of Panels: Ultra high-efficiency LG 360 watt panels

Number of Panels and Configuration: The system consists of 15 panels distributed across two roofs.

The arrangement ensures optimal exposure to sunlight, with ten panels installed on the south-facing roof for maximum solar gain and five on the west-facing side to capture the afternoon sun.

This strategic placement enhances the overall efficiency and energy output of the system.

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Energy Production and Usage

Annual Energy Output: Approximately 6,000 kWh

Coverage of Home’s Energy Needs: The system completely offsets the home’s current electricity requirements, fulfilling 100% of the energy needs with solar power.

Additional Benefits: Beyond meeting the household’s typical energy consumption, the system generates an additional 12% surplus. This extra energy is specifically allocated to power the air conditioning system, ensuring comfort during the warmer months without additional energy costs. This surplus enhances home efficiency and contributes to reducing the overall energy expenditures throughout the year.

Environmental and Economic Impact

Reduction in Carbon Footprint: The installation of the solar system in Sharonville significantly advances sustainability. By switching to solar energy, the homeowners reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, thus minimizing their environmental impact.

CO2 Savings: Annually, the solar system saves approximately 6,000 kWh in energy consumption. Assuming the average CO2 emission per kWh of grid electricity is about 0.92 kg (which varies by location), the system prevents roughly 5,520 kg of CO2 emissions each year.

Equivalent Miles Driven: Using the EPA’s conversion, where burning 1 gallon of gasoline emits about 8,887 grams of CO2, these CO2 savings equate to about 620,700 grams or 620.7 kg per year. This is equivalent to preventing the emissions from driving a typical passenger vehicle over 13,400 miles annually.

Cost Savings: With the system offsetting 100% of the home’s electricity needs and providing an additional surplus, the homeowners see a substantial reduction in their energy bills. This translates to substantial savings annually, further offsetting the cost of the solar system installation and increasing the home’s value.


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Summary of Benefits for Homeowners

The solar system in Sharonville, OH, provides significant benefits, notably in energy self-sufficiency and cost efficiency.

Homeowners enjoy a complete offset of their electricity bills, enhanced by additional savings from powering their air conditioning system with the surplus energy generated.

The environmental impact is equally impactful, with a substantial reduction in carbon emissions contributing to a healthier planet.

Future Outlook on Solar Energy Use in the Home

Looking ahead, the potential for expanding solar energy use within this home is promising.

Future upgrades could include adding more panels to increase capacity or incorporating battery storage to capture excess energy for use during peak hours or on less sunny days.

Additionally, as technology advances, upgrading to even more efficient panels could further maximize energy production and sustainability.

The ongoing benefits of solar energy solidify its role as a key component of modern, eco-friendly living in Sharonville.

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