Municipal Solar Cincinnati

Cincinnati is emerging as a leader in municipal solar energy implementation, taking significant strides towards a sustainable future.

The city’s commitment to renewable energy is evident through its groundbreaking initiatives, which prominently feature the construction and operation of large-scale solar projects.

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City Government and Sustainability Goals

The City of Cincinnati is demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and renewable energy led by the Office of Environment and Sustainability. Goals include transitioning the city’s power supply to 100% renewable energy by 2035, encouraging the growth of solar installations, and decreasing the city’s carbon footprint in line with the American Cities Climate Challenge.

Major Solar Projects

Cincinnati’s ambitious project, a vast municipal solar array in Highland County featuring over 310,000 solar panels, is equivalent in scale to over 750 football fields. The SolarPanelsCincinnati team played a key role in this initiative, consulting alongside Hecate Energy. This monumental effort is crucial to fulfilling the commitments of the Cincinnati Electric Aggregation Program.

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Solar Energy Development

The solar array, constructed by New Market Solar, represents a pioneering city-led solar project. Once operational, it will significantly contribute to the city’s renewable energy production, providing a portion of electricity to the city’s grid. It showcases Cincinnati’s strides toward solar energy development on a large scale.


The construction of the largest municipal solar array in Cincinnati, often referred to as the New Market Solar Project, signifies a significant stride in solar energy development. Spanning the equivalent area of 750 football fields, this extensive solar array comprises 310,000 individual solar panels.

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Community Impact and Local Support

This initiative has had a substantial impact on the community, creating an estimated 160 construction jobs, with positions paying competitive salaries and offering benefits, as highlighted by city officials. The IBEW Local 212 represents the skilled workers contributing to the installation, showcasing a combined effort towards sustainable development and job creation.

Future Projections and Expansion

As Michael Forrester, the former director of the city’s Office of Environment and Sustainability, illuminates, the current solar arrays are a mere component of a broader vision. The potential for project expansion positions Cincinnati as a vanguard city in solar power generation.

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Job Creation and Economic Development

Municipal solar projects have significantly contributed to job creation and economic stimulus. For instance, the construction of the largest municipal solar array in Cincinnati led to the creation of at least 160 construction jobs, highlighting an expansion of the workforce skills. Partnerships with entities like the IBEW Local 212 illustrate the initiative’s engagement with proficient labor sources.

Reduction in Carbon Emissions

By transitioning to renewable energy, the city substantially lowers its carbon emissions. For example, the largest city-led solar project in the U.S. is expected to reduce regional emissions by approximately 158,000 tons annually, aligning with the sustainability goals advocated by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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